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Creality 3D 3D Printer Enclosure 480 x 600 x 720

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The main purpose of the  3D printer enclosure  is to help maintain a constant... more
Product information "Creality 3D 3D Printer Enclosure 480 x 600 x 720"

The main purpose of the 3D printer enclosure is to help maintain a constant temperature inside of the print chamber, while also keep external weather out. Overall, this serves to improve print quality and stability. Featuring an interior made from flame-retardant aluminum film, Creality that it can prevent any potential fire from spreading outside of the enclosure. On top of that, this tiny abode reduces noise from the printer, offers extra breathing room for the machine, and is also dustproof.

Package Included:
440 Iron pipes x 4 / 560 Iron pipes x 4 / 645 Iron pipes x 4 / fixed-angle bracket x 8 / folding shed x1
Function: Isolate sound, heat and keeps dust away. 

- Quick and easy installation, folding storage, easy to carry, multi-faceted observation, reserved tool pockets. Economical 3D printing room!
- Constant Temperature: Keep a constant temperature printing environment, reduce the impact of printed products when low-- temperature weather, improve printing stability.
- Dustproof and good noise reduction
- The interior uses Pure aluminum film and flame retardant appearance material. Technically, if in a fire, it will melt and not fire itself of the enclosure, and will not spread.
- Stable Structure: Equipped with a selection of Iron pipes, stable structure, and abundant space.

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